Victory 1:27 Community Christmas Celebration

Join with us in supporting Victory 1:27 this year for their annual Community Christmas Celebration in Uganda! The fundraising goal for 2021 is $10K, with a deadline of November 14th. Every contribution goes directly toward spreading the good news of Christ’s birth, death, and resurrection to communities in Uganda desperately in need of hope. 

Here's the Good News

Each and every one of us has hope. The good news is about God’s plan to give hope to mankind. No matter who we are, where we are from, or what we have done, we are loved by God. He made us in His image and He has genuine concern for us. The bad news is that it is in our DNA to turn away from God and choose our own path to hope. There is a natural separation between us and God. The good news of hope is that God has not left us alone in our separation. He has made a way for every single one of us to move from isolation into a life altering relationship. God has come to us in the person of Jesus. Forgiveness, change, and hope are available to anyone who believes. This is eternally good news!