November 26, 2023

Living Hope: Who & What Still Matters

The best way to guard yourself against falsehood and false teachers is to know the truth. To be able to spot a counterfeit of something then you need to study the real thing.
November 19, 2023

Living Hope: Prophecy Stands Strong

Dive deeper and discover the power of the Word of God.
November 12, 2023

Living Hope: The Importance of Legacy

Consider the importance of your legacy with Christ.
November 5, 2023

Living Hope: The Proof is in the Pudding

Your on-going connection with God proves the authenticity of your faith.
October 29, 2023

Living Hope: Relentless in Relationship

God wants us to be relentless in our pursuit of Him.
October 22, 2023

Living Hope: Tenacious With God

Let's make a decision to be tenacious with God and these amazing gifts of His great and precious promises that are reflected through attributes of His character.
October 15, 2023

Living Hope: Living Hope: New Potential, Provision, and Power

Believing in someone's potential in Christ is a posture of the heart!
September 17, 2023

Living Hope: New Potential, Provision and Power

Faith is not the absence of doubt or fear but rather the reality of acting on what God says about Himself as well as what He wants for us based on what He has already done for us.
September 10, 2023

Living Hope: Relationship with Jesus Creates New Potential

Will we learn from Peter and trust what Father God says about us?